The Rocking Horse

Designed, handcrafted, and completed in 1995. This rocking horse was built for a Christmas present for one of our family members. Currently, we are in the process of completing another.

We’ll be sure to share the pictures taken during the construction process with you soon.


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Clock Project

This clock was the first ever personal project, done by Charlie of Charlies Custom Cabinets. He built it in 1981, and it still hangs on our wall.


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Kitchen Chairs and Table Project A

The original table of this kitchen set, had a large scratch in it, which went through the finish, into the table, and straight through the raw wood. The table being made of hard wood was stripped, leaving the original white paint alone. Then we sanded it to remove the scratches. Then it was prepped, stained, and clear coated it to bring out the shine. We also did the same procedure to the chair.

This project had taken us less than a week to complete.

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