Table Project B

This dining room table was damaged by heavy usage, and normal wear and tear. The owners wanted to give their piece a new makeover, and making it look fresh and new again. That’s when they decided to give us a call, to see what we could offer them.

After giving them an estimate, they chose to have us work on their table project, We stripped the table down to the natural wood, sanded it down, restained it, and refinished it.

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Hallway Vanity Project

This hallway vanity table project had been stored in a client’s garage for almost twenty years. The owner had given us the table and mirror to refinish. The color of the wood was a dirty, muddy brown, after it had absorbed several applications of paint and stain over the years.

Once we stripped it down to the natural wood, we realized that drawers and the mirror top design piece were made of burl wood. Burl wood grows on the base of a tree, that looks like a large knot. The knot varies in size, ranging from the size of a basketball, to the size of a car, depending on the size of the tree that it is attached to. This knot is removed from the tree, and sliced in sheets less than an inch thick. These are can be found in artistic pieces found in high end building, and luxury style homes. The burl wood has a special natural design, and does not look like regular wood grain. In fact, the dashboard on a Rolls Royce, is made from burl wood because of it’s attractive appearance.

Beneath the burl wood, we found that the piece was also made of hickory/pecan wood. Once bringing out the natural beauty of the pieces, we placed a clear coat finish on the completed piece.

This project had taken us a couple of weeks to complete, and return it to the happy client, who then gave it to one of their family members as a Christmas gift..

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Door Project B

The given history of these beautifully designed doors, tells us that they came from an old monastery in Mexico. The client obtained them, then brought them to us to restore and give them some new life.

We received the doors in raw wood form, and were to give them a more authentic look. Taking a few tricks that we know, we transformed these into the old aged style that the client was looking for.

Once completed, we finished the project off with a coat of treatment. This helps the doors resist outdoor weather,preserving them for many years to come.

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