Coffee Table Project A

This coffee table was made for a client who required something light weight, in order to move it easily. Made from mahogany, this durable piece was perfect for their needs. Although the wood itself is hard and solid, the piece itself can be picked up with hardly any effort due to it’s design.

A little known fact, is that hard wood is actually lighter than plywood.

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Table Project A

This table top, was designed for a hand crafted European boat. The owners had found us on the internet, and had been searching for someone to refinish their table after something was spilled on the top.

The client did try to refinish the table top themselves, but later decided that it would be best to have a professional complete the work for them. That’s when they called us. We were more than happy to repair what damage there was.

It was discovered that this was not only a solid wood top, but also veneer. Veneer is an actual piece of wood, which is cut very thin.

The veneer was replaced with ribbon mahogany veneer. Once an original veneer is damaged, the entire piece must be completely replaced.

Due to waiting on the arrival of the mahogany veneer, this project had taken about three weeks to complete for the satisfied client.

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The Mantel Project

This mantel project not only consisted of the mantel piece, but a matching bookcase, and a storage unit as well. The client has lived in their home for over twenty years, and was not able to find a design to suit their needs. They decided to give Charlies Custom Cabinets a call to see what we could offer.

A natural cherry hard wood was selected, which matched and complimented the rest of their natural cherry wood designed home. The owners chose a Craftman style, to go with the rest of their home interior design.

Lighting in a room can definitely bring out the beauty in any wood piece. Having the wood storage box built below the window, was an excellent idea. The clear finish gives these pieces a sparkling shine,

This entire project had taken approximately three weeks to complete.The cost of creating pieces like this, will always vary. Depending on the type of wood used, the size, and many other factors, would determine the actual cost.

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