Sewing Table Project

This project is a customized sewing table, which was built to be in the middle of a room. There are six drawers and eight cubbyholes on each side.

At six feet wide, and four feet deep, this sewing table is actually two units attached together. With manual locking wheels, the table can be set in the middle of the room, or later rolled against the wall for more room space.

The table top itself, is one solid piece. Below the top, lies a hidden a roll out leaf on each side. When sliding these out, an additional two feet on each side is available for larger sewing projects. Also, if a chair is slid under a pulled out leaf, it can be used as a desk.

This piece is a one of a kind project, made from solid maple, and alder wood. The table top was covered with a similar material used for ironing boards, making it easy to cut material on, and for other handy personal uses.

This project was completed within less than two months. This included the time it had taken for the preparations for starting the project, and clarifying what the client’s specifications were. No customized project is ever exactly the same. So, something like this could take more or less time to complete. The best way to determine a time frame for your project, can be discussed with us. Call us for more details and for an estimate.

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The Red Chair

This was a project completed about a year ago, in 2012. The client needed a set of chairs to be reupholstered, and refinished. We removed the staples, sanded down the wood, and restained it the dark color that they specified.

Once the work on this piece was completed, we returned the finished project within just a couple of weeks. Depending on how extensive the project is, would determine the cost, as each individual project does not always require the same amount of work needed to be done.

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