Glossary Terms


Adjustable Shelf: A shelf that can be moved to different heights.


Arch: A curved shape usually at the top of a cabinet door.


Base Cabinet: Also called a lower cabinet that usually sits on a toekick. Base cabinets also support countertops and are usually twenty four inches deep.


Base Molding: A decorative molding that looks nice and adds a finished look to flooring and walls.


Bookmatching Veneers: Placing multiple sheets of veneers side by side to make a mirror image of each other.


Crown Molding: A special carved molding used on the top of a cabinet.


Casing: A trim moulding that surrounds doors and windows.


Cathedral: A natural curved graining in wood.


Chase: A cut out in a cabinet for cables ,pipes or cords.


Concealed Hinge: Any hinge that cannot be seen from the outside of a cabinet.


Coniferous: Trees that do not lose their leaves and have either needles or smaller, thinner leaves than the Deciduous trees.


Custom: A project that is designed and made to a clients specific needs and desires.

A one of a kind.

Dado: A groove that is cut into one piece of material so that it may accept another usually at a ninety degree angle .


Deciduous: Trees than anually shed their leaves. and have broader wider leaves than coniferous trees.


Decorative Hardware: Any type of knob, pull, or handle used to open a door or drawer.


Distressing : A technique that adds dents, scratches and nicks to a new piece of furniture in order to give it an aged appearance.


Dovetail: A method of joining two pieces of wood, usually at a corner by interlocking them like a puzzle.


Drawer Front: A decorative panel that attaches to the front of a drawer. The drawer front is where the handle is mounted.


European (Euro) Style Cabinets: A style that does not use a face frame on the front outside edges of the cabinet.


Exposed Hinge: A hinge that is visible from the outside of a cabinet when the door is closed.


Face Frame Cabinets: A wood frame approximately 2 inches wide, that is attached to the front of a cabinet, framing the cabinet opening.


Fireplace Mantel: A decorative shelf above a fireplace.


Fireplace Surround: A decorative fireplace mantel with verticle sides to frame the fireplace opening.


Fixed Shelf: A shelf that is non adjustable


Five Piece Door: Consists of two verticle pieces of hard wood (stile), Two horizontal pieces of hardwood (rail) , and a center panel (Flat or Raised)


Flat Panel: A thin flat panel in  the center of a five piece door.


Flute: A decorative design grooved into a wood surface.


Frameless Cabinets: see European (Euro) Style Cabinets


Full Extension Drawer Slide: Drawer slides that allow the drawer to be pulled out completely  from the cabinet, giving you full access to the entire drawer.


Hardwood: Lumber that is manufactured from trees that annually lose their leaves (deciduous) Hardwood does not reference the actual hardness of the wood.


Inset Doors/ Drawer Fronts: Doors and Drawer fronts that are recessed to be flush with the front of the cabinet.


Kiln-Dried: A heated process to eliminate excess moisture from wood.

Lazy Susan: A storage unit usually round or pie shaped utilized in corner cabinets. The unit spins to get maximum useage of otherwise wasted corner space.


Lower Cabinet: See base cabinet.


Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF): A wood based product that uses small wood fibers and either glue or resin , which are compressed together to produce sheets that are available in plywood sheet sizes, usually four feet by eight feet.


Melamine: A durable colored coating that is applied to the outside of a substraight such as plywood or MDF.


Mortise: A rectangular hole that is bored into one piece of wood to accept a tenon.

Mortise and Tenon Joint: A jointery technique where the tenon on one piece of wood           fits into the mortise of the other piece.

Plywood:  Material made from thin sheets of wood that are glued and pressed together to a desired thickness.


Rabbet : A step or ledge that is cut into a piece of wood. Rabbets are commonly used in the inside of cabinet doors that have glass centers.


Rail: The horizontal hardwood pieces of either a door or a face frame.

Router: A high speed tool that accepts different profile bits to cut decorative edges, dados and rabbets.


Slab Door: A one piece flat door.


Softwood: Lumber that is manufactured from coniferous  trees . Softwood does not reference the hardness of the actual wood.


Stain: The process of changing the natural color of wood.


Stile: The verticle hardwood pieces of either a door or a face frame.


Tenon: The protruding part of hardwood that fits into a mortise.


Toe Kick: The piece below the bottom of a base cabinet that is recessed a few inches from the front of a cabinet to allow room for ones feet .


Upper Cabinet: A cabinet that is above a base cabinet and is attached to the wall. Usually upper cabinets are more shallow than a base cabinet.


Veneer:  An extremely thin layer of wood that is applied to a sub straight such as plywood or MDF.

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